Heughan Sam for 007? The Outlander actor reveals two major reasons why he would make a "brilliant" partner.

Sam Heughan expresses interest in playing James Bond, emphasizing his suitability for the role in a recent interview with the UK's Telegraph. 

He highlights his action credentials, citing the physical demands of the role, including choreographed fight scenes, action driving, and shootouts. 

While acknowledging the traditional focus on action, Heughan suggests that emotional intelligence could be a valuable addition to the character, especially considering the evolution hinted at in "No Time To Die." 

The article mentions the uncertainty surrounding the next James Bond, with Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson previously considered front-runners by oddsmakers. 

Barbara Broccoli's recent comments suggest that even lesser-known actors ("non-stars") could be in contention for the iconic role. 

The timeline for selecting the next Bond remains unclear, with speculation that it might take until 2024, following a similar pattern to Daniel Craig's casting in Casino Royale. 

The article reflects on the transformative impact playing James Bond can have on an actor's career. 

Ultimately, the identity of the next James Bond is uncertain, and the casting decision will likely be a pivotal moment for the chosen actor's career. 

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