How much would the $1.73 billion Powerball jackpot’s tax bill be?

WFLA / TAMPA, FLA — It's evident that $1.73 billion is an enormous sum of money that most people would not know what to do with.

But winning the projected $1.73 billion jackpot doesn't mean you get to keep the whole amount of money.

After staying at the rental for more than a year without paying, an Airbnb guest won't leave, the homeowner claims.

The winner of the Powerball jackpot on Monday night will be able to choose between receiving a $756.

 million lump sum payout or 30 yearly payments that would grow by 5% annually over the course of 29 years

.The IRS mandates a 24% tax withholding for prizes over $5,000, so you would have to pay that before receiving your winnings. 

. You will lose roughly $181.58 million up front out of the $756.6 million cash value.

With winnings over $5,000, the IRS demands a 24% tax withholding, which you would have to pay before receiving your profits.

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