I laughed a lot at this optical illusion of Michelle Yeoh.

I knew this was a ruse, logically, but I couldn't help but wonder, "DID I NEVER NOTICE THAT MICHELLE YEOH HAS GIANT HANDS?" No, she doesn't. 


She wasn't. Michelle was on Today to discuss her upcoming film, and for some reason, this led to the following picture of her fiddling with a ridiculous glove:

Though it's more likely that she's blowing a kiss than smoking, which is how I like to picture her. (Her other hand is holding the glove you can see.)

After a brief, halfhearted attempt to Google what this was, I made the following decision: I'm not bothered. I would rather not know. 

It's preferable to just imagine that Michelle was using hers to make lewd gestures at Hoda Kotb in an attempt to get her to break, and that Today gives out giant props to passersby while they wait for their segments.

It's pretty nice, but I don't like the way those tulip-hem trousers look, and they have to sway a lot when she walks.

 That must be the reason you act silly when you have a huge rubber hand. Not that anyone gave a damn about the trousers before I tried to make you? Indeed.

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