I Went To The Viral Taylor Swift Christmas Light House & It Was A Swiftie’s Dream

The formal start of the holiday season is just another fantastic reason to write something about Taylor Swift that genuinely has very little to do with her, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Swifties are going crazy about a Naperville, Illinois residence's Taylor Swift Christmas light house display, which is going viral.

I live in Naperville and can personally attest that this house is all that has been hyped up. In fact, I live a block away from this mansion, which ought to be declared a national monument.

Even though the house wasn't even lit up when I initially passed by, I couldn't help but notice the enormous handmade friendship bracelets that were hanging on the trees outside and the enormous Eras tour banner that hung from the roof.

"Oh my god! A TAYLOR SWIFT CHRISTMAS HOUSE, THAT IS! I gave my hubby a squeal. "When it gets dark, we have to head back!"

The following night, when we drove by, the whole area was aglow with Taylor Swift splendor.

The two-story house has been turned into a Swiftie winter wonderland for the holidays by the Scott family, which also includes Swiftie daughters Emily, 21, and Becca, 18.

"Every year, we put on a large light show, and the public always enjoys seeing what the theme is!" Emily Scott and Becca tell Scary Mommy. The family has previously done both a Candy Land and a Toy Story theme.

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