"I Will Tell My Stories My Way" is Taylor Sheridan's declaration of independence.

Taylor Sheridan, Hollywood's prolific hitmaker, recently broke his silence on the ending of "Yellowstone" and Kevin Costner's departure from the series. 

Sheridan, once an obscure actor, has become the most prolific writer in Hollywood in about a decade. 

Besides "Yellowstone," showrunner shake-ups occurred in Sheridan's other projects like Tulsa King and Special Ops: Lioness. 

In a candid interview, Sheridan provides unparalleled insight into his writing and producing process. 

Sheridan purchased the massive Four Sixes ranch in Texas, covering 270,000 acres, nearly the size of Los Angeles. 

Acquiring the Four Sixes wasn't easy, requiring Sheridan to renew his deal with Paramount and produce prequels and pilots to finance the purchase. 

Despite challenges, Sheridan's burst of productivity resulted in green lights for six series, reflecting his drive to make every episode perfect. 

Sheridan reflects on his journey from a struggling actor to a man who owns a dynastic mega-ranch, mirroring the storyline of "Yellowstone." 

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