In a unique concert, Eric Church sings about the "greatest honour of my life."

Being appointed the 2023 artist-in-residence by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum set Eric Church up for an incredible musical surprise. Nashville's little CMA Theatre would be his for two nights, but what would he do?

As he does when he's on tour, put on a crazy and exuberant three hours of music? Maybe do a lengthy acoustic medley, similar to what he performed (for 30 minutes) at the 2019 CMA Fest? Or perhaps release a tonne of brand-new songs, much as he did with Mr. Misunderstood in 2015?

Not unexpectedly, Church ultimately decided to try something new, and it was truly epic—a musical tour of his life and career in an 800-seat theatre that seemed more like a living room. (Or a living room that frequently hosts a six-piece band and three backing vocalists.)

The 46-year-old performer didn't say a word during his whole 85-minute show until he introduced his last song. Rather, he just sat down on a seat, picked up his guitar, and let his narrative be told via 19 expertly chosen songs.

A massive facsimile of a television set from the 1960s dominated the rear of the stage, serving as the video screen's narrator as it identified Church's phases through audio and visual clips primarily taken from his media coverage.

As Church carefully played his first chords on an acoustic guitar by himself on stage, a news commentator's voice could be heard saying, "Eric Church is a country music sellout." "Unfortunately, his tunes are forgettable."

He has always been drawn to this kind of criticism, especially in his early career, but Church skillfully refuted it by effortlessly navigating through the relentlessly memorable "On the Road." This new song had its stage premiere in August during a performance in North Carolina.

Church then rewinded to the beginning, performing an iconic version of his 2006 debut single, "How 'Bout You," after a video introduction lamented, "It's a shame that Church's debut sounds so anonymous." His band's guitarists and drummer joined him in a cluster over his left shoulder.

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