In São Paulo, thousands of Taylor Swift admirers performed a light show. 

On the second night of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in São Paulo, thousands of fans displayed their Brazilian pride. 

Using colored cellophane and the flashlights on their cellphones, they displayed the colors blue, yellow, and green. 

The singer noticed the colorful projection and addressed it in her monologue before starting to sing "Champagne Problems."" 

We've never had a crowd decide to make a custom design," Swift stated. That's creative. That is intelligent. That's imaginative. 

You guys have my undying love."According to Leonardo Ulths De Carvalho, a concertgoer at the Allianz Parque stadium, "it started on Twitter." 

"Cellophane paper, a very thin colored plastic, is used to create the color. After folding, it is positioned inside the phone case on top of the flashlight. 

The organizers tweeted out these colors so that fans could save and project ,

them onto their phones from their sections if they didn't receive the cellophane.

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