In Spider-Man 4, Daredevil and Spider-Man fight Kingpin.

Spider-Man 4 fan art shows Peter Parker and Daredevil leading The Defenders against Kingpin.

New Spider-Man 4 fan art shows Peter Parker and Daredevil uniting The Defenders and other Marvel Cinematic Universe street heroes to fight Kingpin. 

The original MCU Spider-Man trilogy ended dramatically with Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Tom Holland's Spider-Man career will continue. 

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are making Spider-Man 4, intending to launch a trilogy.

While storyline elements are kept under wraps, many wonder if Peter will team up with heroes and who Spider-Man 4's enemy will be. 

BenSolo_Cup recently shared a Spider-Man 4 fan poster showing the web-slinger preparing to fight Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, a popular option.

In Spider-Man 4, Holland's Peter and Charlie Cox's Daredevil team up to defeat their common foe. 

Wilson Fisk becomes New York mayor in the MCU film's live-action interpretation of Devil's Reign.

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