In the film Outlander, who plays Brianna Randall Fraser? 

With its time travel premise, "Outlander" does a lot of interesting things. 

However, the introduction of lead character Claire Randall's daughter Brianna is one of the biggest narrative twists the film has dared to swing. 

In Season 2, viewers were able to witness Claire's pregnancy come to fruition. 

However, an enormous leap in time transformed the infant Brianna into a twenty-year-old woman who played a significant role for the duration of the show. 

"Outlander" is essentially the story of Brianna as much as it is her mother's because she is the direct product of the show's time-traveling romance at its heart. 

Fans of "Outlander" may be interested in finding out more about Sophie Skelton, 

who plays Brianna for the most of the show's timeline, and what other roles she has had outside of the critically acclaimed historical drama series. 

In actuality, the performer has a long list of noteworthy credits, including roles in TV series and motion pictures.

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