Incredible Cosplay: Thor Acquires His Own Iron Man Gear 

In a new set of cosplay photos, Tony Stark's tech-savvy fashion sense is combined ,

with Thor's iconic appearance to create an Iron Man upgrade.Cosplayer Audrey Pelletier, 

from Canada, uses 3D printing technology and her own imagination to create an authentic Iron Thor armor. 

The cosplay costume is an amazing creation that combines the Iron Man aesthetic with Asgardian fashion in a unique way. 

Thor is an incredibly powerful member of the Avengers who doesn't need an introduction. 

He is unmatched in combat not only on Earth-616 but also throughout Marvel's vast multiverse. Additionally, 

this God of Thunder receives an Iron Man makeover in a new set of cosplay photos, 

sporting an armor set that flawlessly combines Tony Stark's tech-savvy attitude with Thor's iconic appearance.

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