Inside Taylor Swift's $40 million royal ‘Number 13’ private plane.

Taylor Swift's Jets: She owns two private jets, a Dassault Falcon 900LX (purchased in 2011) and a Falcon 7X, valued at around $40 million each. 

Efficient and Versatile: The Falcon 900LX is known for its efficiency, versatility, and luxurious features, covering a range of 4,750 NM, making it suitable for global tours. 

Lucky Number 13: The number 13 on the jet is intentional, as it is Swift's lucky number, associated with significant events in her life and career. 

Luxurious Interiors: The Falcon 900LX has a spacious cabin for up to 12 people, featuring amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, a shower-equipped bathroom, and a bedroom. 

Personal Touch: The jet's registration, 'N898TS,' reflects Swift's initials and is frequently spotted during her Era's Tour, accumulating air miles mainly from her hometown in Tennessee. 

Superstition Sidestepped: Despite common superstitions about the number 13, Swift embraces it, being born on the 13th and considering it lucky throughout her career. 

Private Commutes: Swift uses her jets to commute between her Tennessee hometown and various U.S. cities for shows, accompanied by a significant security convoy. 

Global Travel Capability: The Falcon 900LX's capabilities allow it to fly long distances, making it convenient for Swift's worldwide performances from New York to Moscow, Paris to Beijing, and Mumbai to London. 

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