Inter Miami sells out 2024 season tickets due to Messi. 

On Thursday, Inter Miami declared that all of its season tickets for 2024 had been sold out.  

This will be the first full season that eight-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi will be playing for the MLS team. 

The news was made just over two weeks after season tickets became available to depositors and despite some ,

areas of the team's Fort Lauderdale DRV PNK Stadium seeing nearly double the price of tickets.

In order to "receive more information, and be among the first to have the opportunity to purchase the remaining single-match tickets for Inter Miami matches during the 2024 MLS regular season, 

while supplies last," supporters can still sign up starting on Thursday, according to the club.

In the upcoming weeks, the schedule for 2024 MLs is expected to be made public. On December 20 of last year, 

MLS revealed its schedule.Since his July arrival in Miami, Messi's influence has been felt throughout the league.

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