Investigating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Von Erich ties 

Was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ever on the Dallas Sportatorium's wrestling mat?Yes,

but not in a rivalry sense. Johnson talked about his time spent in Dallas and his encounter ,

with the Von Erich wrestling family in the Sportatorium ring in a recent podcast interview with The Joe Rogan Experience.

Johnson told Rogan, whose podcast is produced in Austin, "I loved Dallas."In the 1970s, Johnson (51), 

was a young boy when his "old man," Rocky Johnson, wrestled for Jack Adkisson, the Fritz Von Erich, 

the patriarch of the Von Erich family.The topic arose during a conversation between Rogan and the younger Johnson about the Von Erich family biopic The Iron Claw. 

Johnson mentioned how special it was for him to spend time with the Von Erich brothers." 

I used to wrestle with them every week in the afternoons at this famous arena called the Sportatorium, 

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