Is Kelly Reilly Leaving 'Yellowstone'? Fans Fear the Worst After Her Cryptic Instagram Post

When Beth Dutton's office bombed in the third season of Yellowstone, everyone wondered if she had survived.

Season 4 filming has begun for the actors, though it's unknown if Kelly Reilly—who plays Beth—is taking part in the shoot.

With or without Beth, Season 4 is anticipated to debut in the summer of next year.

Fans had more questions than answers after Yellowstone season 3's cliffhanger. Within minutes,

there were three separate attacks on the Dutton family members: gunmen broke into Kayce's workplace, a bomb burst in Beth's office,

and John was shot by an unidentified bystander. Fans of Yellowstone are finding it difficult to wait until season 4 premieres to find out the truth,

 even though the cause of the violence is still unknown (some blame Jamie, some believe it's due to Market Equities' misdeeds). Will everyone survive? is still the most important question.

Following the season 3 conclusion, fans were searching for answers when they came across Kelly Reilly's (playing Beth Dutton) Instagram post, in which she hinted that the show has been a "wild ride." in the past tense.

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