Ja Morant Confirms Return From Suspension Date

The anticipation surrounding Ja Morant's return to the Memphis Grizzlies has been a focal point for fans throughout the season 

Recent social media activity sparked excitement when an Instagram user posted a hype video indicating a potential comeback for Morant on December 21st. 

Interestingly, Morant himself intervened and corrected the date to "dec 19," hinting at a sooner return than anticipated. 

The official date for Morant's potential clearance to return from suspension aligns with December 19. 

While this could be considered a significant benchmark, Morant's comment on the post suggests that he might indeed 

make his official return on that date, pending the approval or confirmation from the Grizzlies' staff. 

The absence of Ja Morant has been keenly felt by the Grizzlies, especially considering the team's struggles with injuries throughout the season. 

Despite their commendable efforts in his absence, reflected in a 5-14 record without him, 

the team has encountered significant challenges, highlighting Morant's vital role in their gameplay and leadership. 

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