Jabrill Peppers apologized after being caught on camera referring to his team as the Patriots.

Jabrill Peppers, a safety for the New England Patriots, expressed regret on Friday for any inconvenience he may have caused after being captured on camera by NFL  

Films calling his team "a–" following yet another defeat.  After the New England Patriots' Week 12 loss to the New York Giants, Peppers spoke bluntly with Saquon Barkley, 

a former teammate of his, following the game.  Peppers said, "You lucky we a--," to the standout running back donning the microphone. 

Peppers apologized to the team during a Friday interview with reporters. "First of all, I just want to apologize to my teammates and the coaches for even having to answer questions about that, 

Peppers stated. "Me getting caught on a hot mic is not the most important thing we should be worrying about.

"Everyone is aware of the norm. It's not that at the moment, even though we all know how it should look. It's not directed towards anyone in the changing area. 

"We," I said. That is our property. That is mine.New England has lost seven of their last eight games and has the worst record in the AFC. They have had a difficult season. 

I work professionally. Therefore, incidents like that ought to never occur," Peppers said. There's nobody else to blame but myself. I've been in the league for seven years. 

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