James Harden's Message for Westbrook

Russell Westbrook came off the bench as a result of the LA Clippers' initial attempt to start Westbrook and James Harden together, which proved to be fruitless. 

Westbrook's minutes have drastically dropped since going to the bench, so it makes sense that he has had trouble developing a routine night in and night out.

Westbrook has strung together some solid performances off the bench despite his fluctuating role.

But it's a bigger adjustment than many realize to go from a team's starting point guard and primary ball handler to the changing role Westbrook has been in. 

Realising this, Harden drew Westbrook aside after the Warriors' victory on Saturday to offer some words of support.

Harden responded, "Just stay with it," when asked what he had instructed Westbrook. "The season is lengthy.

He must be frustrated since his minutes are inconsistent, and I know it. Everyone needs to be picked up and reassured that everything will work out.

The two players still have a great relationship, even if Harden's arrival is ultimately what put Westbrook in this scenario.

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