Jason and Travis Kelce Discuss How 'Law & Order' Inspired Their Interest in True Crime

Jason and Travis Kelce are just like us in that they can't seem to get enough of Law & Order. 

The brothers discussed their love of the show on the Nov. 29 episode of their podcast New Heights, and ironically,

Travis' new girlfriend Taylor Swift is also a huge fan of the series, even naming one of her cats Olivia Benson after Mariska Hargitay's character.

"We watched enough Law & Order [growing up] that I think we got addicted to anything crime-related," Jason said. 

Nor did his younger brother refute the allegations.

Rather, the 34-year-old concurred with the center for the Philadelphia Eagles' memory. 

 "Honestly, if Law & Order is on, I'll just sit there for like five minutes and if I catch on, I am just there for an hour," he stated.

"If I ever just hear 'Dun-dun,'" Jason laughed in response, making the two laugh. "I just sit down and 'hear we go.'"

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