Jenna Ortega has decided not to star in the upcoming "Scream" film: reports 

Jenna Ortega, who played Tara Carpenter in the previous two Scream movies, is no longer anticipated to return for Scream VII,  

according to reports released on Wednesday by Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter. 

The news comes a day after Variety and The Hollywood Reporter reported that Melissa Barrera, 

her costar and on-screen sister, had been kicked out of the film's cast over her social media posts criticizing the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to Deadline, neither the firing of 33-year-old Barrera nor internet rumors suggesting that 21-year-old Ortega requested to be released  ,

from a contract associated with her Scream role are connected to the actor's exit from the movie. 

The source stated that Ortega's busy schedule filming the second season of Netflix's Wednesday and wrapping up Beetlejuice 2 has prevented her from starring in the upcoming Scream, 

which as of yet does not have a finalized script.

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