Jenna Ortega plays Astrid Deetz in the set videos for BEETLEJUICE 2 and Michael Keaton(?) plays Betelgeuse. 

After being forced to put the film on hold due to the Hollywood strikes,  

Tim Burton's eagerly anticipated Beetlejuice sequel is reportedly finished filming. 

A few set videos from the final few days of filming have now surfaced online.In the first set of pictures released earlier this year, 

we were able to catch a glimpse of one returning star, Winona Ryder (Stranger Things), 

as Lydia Deetz. Last week, the first online leak of Michael Keaton's character, the Ghost with the Most, 

gave us our first impression.After Warner Bros. sent takedown notices, that shot was swiftly taken down (though you can probably still find it someplace). 

However, in one of these new videos, you'll catch a (very) brief glimpse of old Betelgeuse; 

however, we're not sure if that's actually Keaton or a stunt double.

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