Jets need to win to make playoffs; Aaron Rodgers beats Falcons.

The Jets, now 4–7, are aware that another loss is unaffordable.

"We seem to have to prevail." Garrett Wilson, a wide receiver, stated that this is the attitude. 

That seems like the attitude is always there, but when you're suddenly 4–7, it seems significantly more pronounced.

For us, it's been a difficult period. We want to prevail in order to erase the unpleasant memory of losing in the first place. 

Who knows what will happen to you after you win one? In actuality, we must work to pull ourselves out of this difficult situation. That is the objective.

With six games remaining, the Jets have little room for error.

If the team is still in the running for the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers would only consider coming back.

They must first defeat the Falcons (5-6) at MetLife Stadium on Sunday in order to get there.

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