Jewelry Designers are Putting Their Ideas into Action

Drawings that were formerly solely used as production guidelines are now appearing in everything from social media to sales materials

Sketching at his Paris boutique and posting original drawings of jewelry designs on its walls has helped him differentiate his company from competitors.

"It's like coming to an artist's studio and being there with the artist, instead of being at some giant conglomerate jewelry thing that is on the stock market and has 400 stores," the 57-year-old jeweler remarked.

Sketches have been a part of the creative process for millennia

assisting designers in sorting through ideas and providing assistance to the artisans who make the pieces.

However, Mr. Bäumer's decision to emphasize drawing is only one of many ways that designers have been putting their sketches to work

using them in everything from social media to sales materials to promote the creativity and skill of their undertakings.

The section known as la cabane du createur, or the creative shack, is located on the bottom floor of the Bäumer Vendôme shop. 

According to the designer, he draws there "on my own or with some of my clients.

Other framed works may be found on his desk, where he also keeps "a little block of paper on which I'll sketch," using black ink pens.

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