Jim Carrey's Comedy: Inappropriate? Mask Parent's Guide

Superhero film "The Mask" by New Line Cinema, released in 1994, has Jim Carrey in the lead role. 

Given the comedian's past historical roles in movies like "Earth Girls Are Easy" and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," it makes sense that parents would want to proceed cautiously with this one. 

However, that worry is largely unfounded, according to Common Sense Media, a website whose main objective is to offer family-friendly critiques of popular media.

"The Mask" is rated as "a bit crude, but fun and relatively harmless" by CSM and is appropriate for kids 12 and older (parent ratings state 10 and above).

"The Mask" is classified as PG-13 by the MPAA. CSM claims that the main reasons for this rating include the apparent drinking, cartoon violence, filthy humor, and frequent profanity. 

Thematic mature content is rated on the website on a five-point rating system. CSM gives "The Mask" three out of five stars in each of the four areas stated above. 

Additionally, the organization states that "Cameron Diaz's cleavage is its own character" under the "Sex, Romance & Nudity" category. 

Conversely, CSM points out that "The Mask" has some positive role models but lacks positive messaging overall.

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