Johnny Depp says Red Sea Film Festival is key ‘for kids coming up in the ranks’

The Red Sea Film Festival, according to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, is a "very important thing" in identifying the brilliance of emerging actors "coming up in the ranks."

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, dressed in black, led a slew of celebrities, including Will Smith, to Saudi Arabia for the third annual film festival honouring "the best of local and international film-making talents."

On the red carpet ahead of the global premiere of filmmaker Yasir Al-Yasiri's film HWJN, Depp commented, "We got in this morning.

"It is amazing to be here and to be able to support the festival, which is crucial for kids rising through the ranks.

The Sweeney Todd star was subsequently seen posing with Indian actor Ranveer Singh, who was acknowledged by US actress Sharon Stone during the festival's opening night.

Depp's presence follows his participation in a defamation dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard, in which he was awarded 10.3 million US dollars (£8.43 million) for reputational harm after a jury found in his favour.

It also coincided with the loss of his buddy, The Pogues leader Shane MacGowan, who had attended his wedding in Copenhagen in 2018.

Meanwhile, at the film festival, Men in Black star Smith was photographed smiling in a navy three-piece suit, as was British actor Ed Westwick with his film star girlfriend Amy Jackson.

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