Johnny Manziel and the tragedy of a fallen football idol

A recent Netflix documentary portrays the legendary college football player as a man unable or unwilling to let go of the past.

The Charlie Sheen of football. Untold, a Netflix sports documentary series,

Recently released a new episode that focuses on the bad boy quarterback's tainted rise in college football

NFL demise, and off-field fall into notoriety and disgrace. The 72-minute film, Untold: 

: Johnny Football, barely gets everything covered and resolves even less.Beginning with Manziel'

humble Texas small town beginnings, director Ryan Duffy (the Vice media alumnus who also co-directed Untold's 

Excellent two-part deep dive into college football catfishing victim Manti Te'o)

Could have skipped ahead and jumped straight to Manziel's rise to fame.

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