Kaley Cuoco's monochrome Christmas tree ornaments tap into a seasonal trend that's so simple to follow

As another in a long line of celebrities who are gently incorporating some of the most exquisite Christmas trends of 2023, Kaley Cuoco is doing it with her tree's decorations, this time in the form of color.

Although ornaments in shades of red, gold, and green have influenced Christmas décor for many years,

contemporary designs indicate that we will be going with a more monochromatic look, beginning with white,

which is one of the most adaptable colors. The actress pays respect to this design on her tree inside her Hidden Hills home,

Since there isn't a set guideline for holiday decoration, choose a palette that is predominantly monochromatic is purely personal preference.

 But this is your cue if you want to experiment with a less traditional Christmas color this year.

 Adele Gregson, the creator of The Christmas Company and an accomplished Christmas tree designer,

, invites us to emulate Kaley Cuoco, as if her festive scene wasn't already enough of an inspiration. 

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