Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Made A Rare Red Carpet Appearance, But What Is Their Home Life Like?

Throughout their relationship, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have mostly remained quiet

to the point where it's said that they were dating for two years before they were first spotted together on a red carpet in 2019. 

She got to know the actor during the Berlin filming of John Wick: Chapter 4, and she has since walked the red carpet with him several times

 including earlier this autumn. But what does the actor spend his free time doing with his partner, an artist?

The LACMA event was attended by other celebrities including JLo and Ben Affleck, but Reeves and Grant's unusual attendance stood out the most since it gives us a rare glimpse into their life and their time together. 

 Even yet, because they started dating years after meeting in 2009 and have some indications about their relationship, there are still some details available.  

Things seem a little quieter at home, even if Keanu Reeves' best films are frequently action-packed. 

The pair shares many interests and engages in a wide range of pastimes in and around their residences. This encompasses valuing literature and the arts. An insider gave US Magazine the following explanation for why their partnership is so successful: 

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