Keanu Reeves Has Perfect Beanie Skills 

Winter is here and there because of a few things. a decrease in body temperature. The box featured a Christmas advertisement featuring John Lewis.  

Six days of nonstop rage at the races. Keanu Reeves wearing a black beanie hat, oh. 

The actor pulls out his go-to beanie hat and carries on with his life, year after year, 

only to unintentionally miss the best time of the year (for menswear).Reeves was seen arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel Live set yesterday in New York City. 

Wearing his favorite black beanie, a woolly black blazer, a charcoal scarf, and a pair of indigo selvedge denim jeans (which provide extra insulation!), 

he looked great for the chilly weather. It's gnomecore meets New England fisherman with its ribbed design and extra room on top, 

and it bangs without even trying.This place has a history. He wore a nine-inch skull cap beanie in the film The Matrix Resurrections, 

where he played Neo. And then there was the one he wore to the October 1997 premiere of The Devil's Advocate on that breezy evening in California. 

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