Keanu Reeves was tricked into helming a subpar movie.

Although he is known as 'The Internet's Boyfriend,' Keanu Reeves has appeared in a number of bad films.   

Whether it's The Lake House or Siberia, Reeves is an intriguing case because he is such a cult figure but has appeared in so many scathing films.  

While Reeves' many terrible films are countered by masterpieces like Bill and Ted, The Matrix, and the current blockbuster series John Wick,  

going into his back catalogue is a fascinating experience, as some of the misfires are so poor that they qualify as nothing more than comical.   

The Watcher, which debuted in 2000, is one of his most heinous displays.   

The picture, which stars Reeves, James Spader, and Marisa Tomei, follows Spader's former FBI agent, Joel Campbell, who is being hunted by Reeves' serial murderer, David Allen Griffin.  

For those who haven't watched The Watcher, words cannot do it justice.  

Spader's portrayal is mind-numbingly dull, and none of the other cast members shine.   

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