KISS introduces digital avatars in the "new era" and puts on an electrifying farewell show in New York.

Jim Morrison of The Doors may have said it, but KISS lived it on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, the most renowned venue in the world. 

 It was a symbolic ending to a 50-year career that began just a few blocks away in New York City.

Starchild, Sayanora. Demon, get over it. Goodbye, deafening pyrotechnics to the strains of "Black Diamond" and "Heaven's on Fire."

At the second show of a two-night stand at MSG, KISS spent two hours and fifteen minutes persuading 20,000 devoted fans that this was their grand finale. 

It seemed as though the end of an era was near when Paul Stanley took a final flight to a B-stage, zooming over the heads of fans on a makeshift zip-line to pony step and shake his shaggy black coif during "Love Gun."

Undoubtedly, this was an emotional ending when guitarist Tommy Thayer, bassist Eric Singer, and drummer Stanley Simmons emerged from the depths of the stage behind a piano to sing KISS's most approachable - and surprising - hit "Beth" and Stanley,

 Simmons, and Tommy Thayer slowly walked out, all obviously caught up in the moment as they moved to every corner to wave to fans.

 Correct? in particular when Stanley gave Simmons a shoulder thud and a thumbs up, acknowledging their many years of brotherhood?

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