Learn how optical illusions reveal a lot about your personality.

Psychologists have always been interested in optical illusions.

The US National Eye Institute defines an optical illusion as anything that distorts your vision. 

It demonstrates to us how our visual system's two halves work together to perceive two-dimensional images.

Do you see a face or a vase?

Popularly known as Rubin's vase, made by Danish psychologist Edgar John Rubin, in this picture you can either see a face or a vase. What you see first will majorly decide your personality

Do you see a rabbit or a duck?

Created by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow, the rabbit or duck illusion is commonly used by psychologists. 

Do you see ​old couple or young couple?

Another well-liked optical trick is this one. A young couple is seated, even though at first glance it appears to be an elderly couple facing one another.

Do you see a young girl or an old man?

Another interesting optical illusion, the girl and the old man can also tell a lot about personalities. 

Do you see a bird or a lynx?

Do you see a bird or a lynx?

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