LeBron James suffers his worst defeat in NBA history as Embiid and the 76ers defeat the Lakers by 44 points. 

LeBron James had never experienced such a lopsided basketball defeat as he did with Los Angeles in Philadelphia. 

James has previously suffered significant losses. In the NBA Finals, his Miami Heat were defeated by 36 points. In 2019, the Indiana Pacers defeated LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers by 42 points. 

But this was an all-timer: By the time Joel Embiid clinched a triple-double in the third quarter, the 76ers were on their way to a 138-94 victory over the Lakers on Monday night, 

the 44-point loss now the worst in James' career, which dates back to 2003."What needs to change so that this does not happen again?" "Quite a bit," James stated flatly.

The Lakers' miserable milestones piled up. It was their worst defeat to the 76ers in 290 games.James didn't even get a rebound because it was so bad.OK, one more: the 76ers defeated the Lakers for the seventh time in a row." 

"That's my favorite team," Embiid said, noting that he first became interested in basketball thanks to Kobe Bryant. "Whenever I play against them, you want to win. 

The soundtrack tells a portion of the story. The 76ers made 22 3-pointers to the Lakers' seven, and even with Embiid sitting out the entire fourth quarter, the 76ers outscored them 40-14."We got killed on the 3-point line, 

James admitted. "They fired shots. Give them some credit." What about the rest? It was just a sluggish effort from a team that appeared resigned early on — the 76ers led by 25 in the first half — that it was a good night to call it quits.

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