Let's head to Stockholm! Who on 'The Amazing Race 35' Went Home Tonight?

Leg 10 of the 35th race around the world saw the pairs go to Sweden; find out who of the 5 teams was eliminated.

On The Amazing Race 35, we're getting close to the finish line, when a single mistake might completely ruin your chances. 

 And for one squad, their day in Stockholm with the Swedes wasn't so sweet. 

he pairs visited a recycling facility, a Midsommar festival, and a supper honoring the Nobel Prize during the day. 

 However, one pair was eliminated since they were unable to reclaim their last-place position.

See who made it home from tonight's race by reading on for more details.

Throughout the entire season, Todd and Ashlie were among the most reliable racers. 

The married high school sweethearts always finished between second and fifth, but they never won a leg. 

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