Love Horoscopes For November 20, 2023 Brings Strong Emotion

The November 20, 2023 love horoscope reveals a strong desire to be open and honest. Here's what each zodiac sign symbolizes in astrology.

Love gives you a sense of direction. As the Sun enters the final days of Scorpio season, three themes emerge: desire, concealment, and money resources. 

During the Scorpio season, hidden issues come to light. It's an excellent opportunity to check over your family's finances. If you are dating and are suspicious about a potential spouse

any integrity issues in the relationship will become more apparent. This is an excellent day to think about your alternatives, talk about the future, and make decisions concerning your partnership. 

 Because Scorpio energy can be possessive, envy can erupt – and can be expressed vindictively. Keep no grudges. Forgive. Take caution with your fury.

The Scorpio season has been beneficial to you. If you're in the early stages of a relationship, it's time to reassess your expectations. Is this a solid partnership? 

Is it what you expected? This day raises many questions and a solemn energy to help you think through your commitment.

Don't just go with your gut or instincts when Mercury is in Scorpio. Instead, consider the quality of your interaction with that person. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words. What is being conveyed to you?

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