Macaulay Culkin gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Walk of Fame Honor: Macaulay Culkin, famed for "Home Alone," received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

– Pop Culture Icon: Rising to fame as Kevin McCallister in 1990, he starred in sequels and notable films like "Uncle Buck" and "Richie Rich."

– Diverse Career: Beyond acting, Culkin ventured into stage performances and even formed a band.

– Ceremony Attendees: Catherine O'Hara, his on-screen mother from "Home Alone," joined the ceremony, praising Culkin's influence.

– O'Hara's Tribute: O'Hara humorously acknowledged leaving Culkin "Home Alone" twice and expressed pride in his global impact.

– Gratitude: Culkin thanked his representatives and professionals who shaped his career since childhood.

– Natasha Lyonne's Words: Actress Natasha Lyonne spoke on Culkin's behalf during the ceremony.

– Personal Acknowledgments: Culkin concluded by thanking his partner Brenda Song, expressing gratitude for purpose and family, and humorously quoting an iconic "Home Alone" line.

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