Madonna overshadowed Aretha's legacy in her homage.

An famous yet controversial homage to the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was given by Madonna at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, a moment that continues to reverberate in the hearts of music lovers. 

Looking back, it's a sobering reminder of how thin the line is in the entertainment business between self-adulation and homage.

After celebrating her 60th birthday, Madonna appeared on stage dressed in traditional African garb. 

She wanted to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who had just died at the age of 76 from pancreatic cancer.

But the homage soon changed course, emphasising Madonna's journey rather than Franklin's legacy.

Without our lady of soul, none of this could have happened or would have happened. "She helped me get to where I am now," declared Madonna, trying to attribute her success to Franklin's impact.

But this sentiment was overwhelmed by a story that many saw as being self-centered. There was an instant and severe backlash, with social media exploding with criticism. 

Madonna was criticised for elevating herself above the great Aretha Franklin in the homage. Madonna has been criticised in the past for tributes; at the Billboard Music Awards, she was criticised for paying homage to Prince.

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