Mark Cuban says he wants more time with his family and has "no plans" to run for president in 2019.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman and "Shark Tank" star, has confirmed that he has no plans to run for president in 2024. 

In 2016, Cuban teased a potential presidential run but eventually endorsed Hillary Clinton, expressing disappointment in Trump's candidacy. 

Cuban also considered running in 2020 but decided against it after evaluating how he would match up against Trump and Biden. 

Despite calls from the bipartisan group No Labels to run as a third-party candidate, Cuban stated that he is not considering a bid, mentioning that his family would disown him for such a campaign. 

Recent online speculation about Cuban running for office coincides with his plans to leave "Shark Tank" in 2025 after filming the next season. 

Cuban's decision to step back from the show is driven by a desire to spend more time with his teens before they go off on their own. 

Cuban has been critical of the two-party political system in the U.S., describing it as "so messed up" and noting that it encourages candidates to appeal to extreme views. 

In 2015, Cuban expressed a desire to be a Republican but disagreed with the party on most social issues, emphasizing the need for a smaller and smarter government while calling the GOP a mess. 

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