Mark Wilkerson, Melissa Joan Hart's husband, 'ignores' her on-screen kisses and past romances (Exclusive)

Melissa Joan Hart doesn't have to explain her on-screen romances to her husband Mark Wilkerson.

"He ignores all of that," Hart, 47, told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview while promoting the 2023 World Vision Gift Catalogue.

"Fortunately, he doesn't pay attention to that." He never looks at my social media or anything."

Hart went on to say that her spouse only watches her movies when she pushes him to. "[When] we have to watch it live, [live] tweet it or something like that," she said. "We don't often sit down and watch my stuff."

The actress undoubtedly has a lot to offer viewers. Hart rose to fame in the 1990s with her Nickelodeon hit series Clarissa Explains It All before starring as Sabrina the Teenage Witch for seven seasons on ABC and The WB.

She's become renowned as the "Queen" of Christmas for her holiday films, one of which she hopes her family will view one day.

"I wish they would watch Holiday in Handcuffs," Hart said of the 2007 picture, which also starred Mario Lopez. "That's my favourite Christmas movie I've ever made, but they won't watch it." It's hilarious."

While Wilkerson, 47, avoids seeing Hart pretend to fall in love in her films, he also has to ignore his wife being forthright about her previous real-world romances, as Hart has opened up about her dating life prior to marriage. 

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