Mark Zuckerberg Makes Use of WhatsApp's Functions 

Mark Zuckerberg promised not to tamper with a good thing when Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp almost ten years ago. 

The Facebook CEO said he would not frequently interfere with the messaging app.That was Mr. Zuckerberg's guiding principle as WhatsApp grew to over two billion users worldwide. 

In 2019, however, he started to capitalize on the app's commercial potential and growth.These days, 

WhatsApp is becoming more and more important to Meta, the company that runs Instagram, Facebook, 

and other apps. As per the company's studies, WhatsApp has been installed on more than half of all cellphones owned by Americans aged 18 to 35. 

This makes it one of Meta's fastest-growing services in its most developed market. 

According to the company, advertisements on Facebook and Instagram that direct users to WhatsApp and its sibling messaging service, 

Messenger, are growing so quickly that they could generate $10 billion in revenue this year.

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