Marvel Studios: After The Marvels and Loki have changed everything, what's next for the MCU?

The MCU's future has here. The Multiverse Saga has accelerated and is expected to be quite amazing, thanks to the two-pronged finales of The Marvels and the second season of Loki (you did stay for the mid-credit scene,

 didn't you?). Clearly, Spider-Man: No Way Home was just the beginning, and the following few years are going to be extremely crazy.

.Aiming to appeal to fans who might be turned off by a heavy dependence on the bigger MCU narratives and continuity, Marvel is diversifying in the meanwhile. 

To that end, the Marvel Spotlight banner was introduced for stories that are part of the MCU but purposefully separate and more character-focused. 

After all, not everything has to convey the same tale all the time just because everything is connected, 

to borrow an old Marvel motto.As Marvel Studios Phase 5 progresses and Phase 6 gets ready for its unavoidably catastrophic attack on reality,

there are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic. We're here to discuss the upcoming projects that Marvel fans may anticipate over the coming years. but first, a quick lesson on history.

Phase 4 of the MCU was a period of reconstruction following the series' arduous journey toward the conflict with Thanos. It concluded in 2022 with Black Panther:

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