Marvel wants Thor 5 darker. 

According to reports, Thor 5 will be more somber and dark than its predecessors.

It looks like Taika Waititi won't be directing the next Thor film, though given his recent remarks, it's unlikely that he would be overly saddened by this news.  

According to recent rumors, Marvel is considering hiring a different Disney director to helm the next movie in the MCU subseries, 

which has been running consistently for the longest time.According to reports, 

Thor 5 is proceeding without the director of the first two movies. The rumored target computer for Marvel ,

Studios' search for a director with "more serious work" is Star Wars director Gareth Edwards. 

Daniel Richtman, a trustworthy insider, spreads the latest rumor via his Patreon page. According to a rumor, 

Edwards is being considered to helm the fifth installment of the Thor series, which would have a darker tone than the previous two comedic offerings from Marvel Studios.

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