Last picture of Matthew Perry with beloved family member before heartbreaking death at age 54

Just one week before John Bennett Perry, Matthew Perry's co-star on Friends, passed away tragically at the age of 54, the actor got back together with his father.

On Monday, October 16, the actor posted a father-son picture on Instagram that may be the last one of Matthew with his family. It was taken at what looks to be his LA home. "This is me and my father John, both holding a beverage," Matthew captioned the photo.

Season four of his son's popular program featured a cameo by actor and former model John. Depicted in 'The One with Rachel's New Dress,' the eighty-two-year-old actor was cast on Friends as the father of Rachel Green's former boyfriend, Joshua.  

When Matthew's death was first reported, TMZ claimed to have discovered the actor on Saturday, October 27, and that authorities thought he had drowned. A man was discovered in the home's jacuzzi and was in cardiac arrest when first responders raced there. Sources claim that the Los Angeles Times has verified the actor's passing as well. 

Although they did not reveal the identify of the dead, the Los Angeles Police Department did acknowledge that officers responded to a call at the actor's house regarding the death of a male in his 50s. Even as late as October 23, five days ago,  

Matthew kept updating his Instagram page with humorous photos taken at home. He even made fun of his "Mattman" theme and shared a photo of a jack-o-lantern that had a Batman carving and the words "Batman Plays Pickleball" written on it. 

When Matthew looked back on his acting career in 2015, he told Buzzfeed that his father had been a big inspiration. "I was pretty certain I wanted to be an actor, because that's how I saw my dad," Matthew said. My reaction was, "Oh my god, my dad's on television, that's so cool, 

" which made me respect the industry. John is well known for playing the iconic sailor in the 1970s and 1980s Old Spice ads. He has also acted in movies such as George of the Jungle (1997), Independence Day (1996), Midway (1976), and The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981).  

John's TV credentials include roles in the following shows: Veronica Mars (2005), 7th Heaven (2003), Scrubs (2004), and Air America (1998–1999). The mother of Matthew, Suzanne Marie Morrison, is a journalist from Canada who worked as the late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's press secretary. Despite the fact that Elizabeth and John got divorced when Matthew was a baby,  

Matthew's parents are still quite close. Matthew also earned a stepfather through Suzanne's second marriage to Dateline's Keith Morrison, and the actor has nothing but praise for the Friends star. Keith described Matthew as "one of those people who always is the center of the room for a reason and it was so as a kid" in an interview with PEOPLE in 2020.  

"On Saturday mornings, I would take him to his hockey games as a member of the team. It reminded me of Matthew and the hockey group. The goal scorer for every goal was him. He was the one. In the tennis court, too. He was a highly intense player who was very, very talented at tennis. He's a driven, gifted, and determined character. He's quite intelligent. As he grew older, that was always the situation." 

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