McDonald's has new toys for adult Happy Meals.

McDonald's has some good news if you've been missing your childhood "McNugget Buddies" toys or want to add to your collection.

After the success of its adult Happy Meals last year, the fast-food company is offering a new limited-edition meal for big kids with a special toy

a modern twist on the McNugget Buddies toys that '80s and '90s youngsters enjoyed.

Find out all about the exciting release here.McDonald's created the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, affectionately known as “adult Happy Meals,”

Each box contained one of four McDonald's character figurines.

McDonald's staff said they sold out after causing drive-thru chaos. After that, eBay resellers listed them for over $300,000.

This time, the chain is partnering with Kerwin Frost, a creative director and DJ known for his amazing street style.

McDonald's will sell the Kerwin Frost Box in the U.S. and other countries starting Dec. 11

while supplies last.You can get a Big Mac or 10 Chicken McNuggets in the Kerwin Frost Box.

 The box includes fries, a soda, and a McNugget Buddy.

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