Meet Kelly Reilly's 10-Year Husband Kyle Baugher

While some avid fans of Yellowstone feel as though they know Kelly Reilly's portrayal of Beth Dutton intimately, they couldn't say the same about Kelly. 

The 45-year-old British actress has rarely discussed her personal life in interviews and is by nature a very private person. 

She actually prefers to maintain a low profile, so much so that her Instagram feed contains more pictures of her dog than of her spouse, whom she last saw on January 1, 2022. 

She posted a selfie of herself and her husband, Kyle Baugher, with the remark, "Another year of love... so grateful for you." "May everyone have a wonderful year x."

Since 2011, Kelly and Kyle have been connected. The Emmy-nominated actress mentioned having a boyfriend in 2011 when discussing her interests. 

In January 2011, she told The Guardian, "I live between my house on the borders of Sussex and Surrey and New York, where my boyfriend lives." 

"I won't say anything more about him other than to say that he's not in the business as an actor."

She went on to say that she preferred her life to "be in one place" and that she intended to "move soon." In 2012, she would wed him, according to Country Living.

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