Meet the designer who brought shine to Beyoncé's tour.

Beyoncé's Renaissance global tour was jam-packed with fashion moments, with her three-hour concerts featuring a slew of stunning ensembles.

That arrived in the form of a flowing bright green sari - a traditional South Asian dress - for her Atlanta concert.

Gaurav Gupta, an Indian fashion designer, worked on it for hundreds of hours.

"My purpose in life is for people to think differently," he tells the BBC Asian Network.

Gaurav created three different outfits for the Renaissance globe tour. In addition to the bright green sculpted sari, he also created a gem-encrusted garment and a crystal body suit for Beyoncé.

The sari and the gown, which required meticulous design and creation, were inspired by his Paris Fashion Week catwalk shows.

According to Gaurav, the sari took more than 200 hours to make, and he and his crew also hand-sewn 50,000 individual crystals, sequins, and beads into the gown over the course of more than 700 hours.

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