Messi calls MLS a "minor league" while implying World Cup status. 

The two words were spoken by Lionel Messi, and MLS probably would have appreciated it if he hadn't. 

The soccer star, who moved from Paris-St. Germain to the MLS last July, was greeted with a red carpet by the league and Inter Miami. 

Messi, 36, inked a lucrative deal that will pay him $50–60 million a year through 2025. In addition, 

he will receive a portion of the MLS Season Pass subscription on Apple+ in addition to Adidas merchandise. 

When he joined the league, he made it look simple, scoring 11 goals in 14 games and igniting interest in Inter Miami matches right away. 

Messi, when questioned about his priorities for 2024 in an interview with Star+, did not, however, 

present the best picture of the level of competition in the league.Messi informed the outlet, 

"I have stated it multiple times and it is true—I will always strive to compete to the best of my abilities and I am the first to know when I can be there and when I can't."

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