Money missing? Harden's absence from the 2023–24 NBA media day is made fun of by Sixers supporters. 

Reports on the X social networking platform claiming NBA All-Star James Harden won't be present for the Philadelphia , 

76ers' upcoming October 2 media day have increased speculation that he no longer wants to play for the franchise.  

Fans didn't waste any time in responding to the news, insulting him or expressing concern for him or the franchise in their comments.  

One commenter wondered if James Harden's absence from media day will affect his compensation,  

writing:James Harden is likely to draw a lot of attention on media day, especially since rumors about the 10-time All-Star still wanting , 

to be dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers are persistent. The versatile guard has expressed his displeasure with the 76ers,

the franchise he has played for the past one and a half seasons, particularly while Daryl Morey,  

president of basketball operations, is still employed there. 

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