Morgan Wallen: a night of whiskey and Silverado trucks with the US country sensation

Has Britain succumbed to the allure of country & western music? Morgan Wallen's event at London's O2 Arena looked like it was the world's biggest barn dance,

young women wearing cowboy hats and boots and young guys wearing check shirts and trucker caps worn backwards. There are 20,000 of them.

The loyal country fanbase in the United Kingdom has never been so young and fervent. 

This did not have the demographic of "Whispering" Bob Harris's usual Radio 2 listeners who grew up listening to Emmylou and the Eagles

It was more akin to Ed Sheeran supporters dressing up in costume. Young couples clutched to one another while downing shots of Jack Daniel's 

with the good ol' boys, mouthing every word of songs about mending broken hearts. Women in groups held up phones and sang ballads about baseball and driving a Silverado truck.

It's difficult to overestimate Wallen's popularity in the United States. The 30-year-old had the most popular streaming song 

 (Last Night) and album (One Thing at a Time) in 2023, even surpassing Taylor Swift. We all know how much America enjoys country music.

While Last Night topped Apple Music's global song chart this year, Wallen has never had a success in the United Kingdom.

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