Mother urges teenager to risk it all for a Yellowstone selfie: ‘These phones have turned us into idiots’

After appearing to pressure her kid into taking a selfie with a dangerous animal in Yellowstone National Park, a mother was slammed online.

A mother waves her small daughter over to snap a photo with an elk in a viral Instagram video.

The daughter refuses and stands far away. Her mother poses with her back to the elk.

“Too close, way too close,” Michael (@m_packmore), who posted the original video, groans.

This encounter is a classic example of a “touron”—a park ranger slang word combining “tourist” and “moron.”

Visitors to U.S. national parks are getting too close to wildlife, a disturbing trend.

A Yellowstone visitor pled guilty to pushing a bison calf from the river to the road, killing it, in May.

Another group drove a newborn elk to the West Yellowstone, Montana, Police Department. Elk calves escaped into the woods.

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