Muzzatto: Can Oklahoma State win Big 12 football? Unstoppable Cowboys. 

The Cowboys have been deceiving us for the entire season.  tricked us into thinking they were toast after South Alabama.  

lied to us and skipped the UCF game one week after defeating OU. The Cowboys then deceived us with their last act, 

leading us to believe that the rival Sooners would be playing in their place because they had blown their opportunity to win the Big 12 championship. 

The way OSU played against BYU on Saturday was just as bad as the entire day. 

The second half then began. It happened gradually. Trey Rucker's game-ending strip and Ollie Gordon II's winning touchdown leap both occurred. 

And damn it on us, because we were fooled by the Cowboys once more. In double overtime on Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium, 

OSU defeated BYU 40-34. They are the undead Cowboys, 

never truly dead despite appearances. 

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